In this chapter, we're going to learn how to make commands.

Making a command

A command is an execution unit that can be called by menu item, keyboard shortcuts or any parts of applications via API. All menu items such as File > Open..., Edit > Copy have corresponding commands. So you must make a command first before to add a menu item. As shown in Getting Started, we will make a simple command showing a message in alert dialog.

First you have to defined an unique ID for a command. Typical command ID have the form <group>:<function> where <group> is the group name of commands and <function> is the function name of the command. An extension may have a set of commands, so typically the group name is the extension name. For example, the ID of the command showing a message of HelloWorld extension is helloworld:show-message.

And then, we will define a handler function to be executed when the command is called.

function handleShowMessage() {
  window.alert('Hello, world!')

Finally, we need to register this command to application by calling app.commands.register method. The first parameter is the ID of the command and the second is the handler function.

app.commands.register('helloworld:show-message', handleShowMessage)

Calling a command

Now we have a new helloworld:show-message command. It can be called manually as follow:


All functionalities of StarUML are defined as commands so that you can call without defining duplicated functionality.

var ids = Object.keys(app.commands.commands)
console.log(ids); // you can see all available command IDs
app.commands.execute('project:open') // execute `project:open` command

Passing parameters

You can pass one or more parameters to the command. We will fix the handle function so that it can receive a parameter (two or more parameters are possible).

function handleShowMessage(message) {
  if (message) {
  } else {
    window.alert('Hello, world!')

Then, you can pass a string to the parameter as follow:

app.commands.execute('helloworld:show-message', 'New Message')

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