A command may have a corresponding keyboard shortcut. You can define key bindings for commands in keymap JSON files like below:

  "ctrl-n": "application:new",
  "ctrl-c": "edit.copy",

Key binding should be a combination of following keys with - separator.

  • Character literals : a, 1, ,, ...

  • Modifier keys : ctrl, cmd, shift, alt, cmdctrl (cmdctrl is automatically recognized in cmd in MacOS and ctrl in Windows and Linux and alt is corresponds to option key in MacOS)

  • Special keys : enter, space, up, down, left, right, delete, tab, escape, backspace, home, end, pageup, pagedown

The key bindings is shown in menu items of the same commands automatically.

The keymap JSON files should be placed in keymaps/ folder of the extension and the keymap files are loaded in alphabetical order.

└─ keymaps/
   └─ keymap.json

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