Managing Diagrams

Create Diagram

To create a Diagram:

  1. Select first an element where a new Diagram to be contained as a child in Model Explorer.

  2. Select Model | Add Diagram | [DiagramType] in Menu Bar or select Add Diagram | [DiagramType] in Context Menu.

Delete Diagram

To delete a Diagram:

  1. Select a Diagram to delete in Model Explorer.

  2. Press Ctrl+Delete or select Edit | Delete from Model in Menu Bar or Delete from Model in Context Menu.

Open Diagram

To open a diagram, double-click a diagram in Model Explorer.

To open a sub-diagram of a model element, select a model element which contains a diagram as a child and then press Ctrl+Shift+D or select Edit | Open Sub-Diagram.

Close Diagram

To close a diagram, click the close icon (x mark) of a diagram in Working Diagrams or press F4 or select View | Close Diagram in Menu Bar.

To close other diagram except an active diagram, press Ctrl+F4 or select View | Close Other Diagrams in Menu Bar.

To close all diagrams, press Shift+F4 or select View | Close All Diagrams in Menu Bar.

Change Active Diagram

To change active diagram, select a diagram in Working Diagram.

To activate the next diagram, press Ctrl+Shift+] or select View | Next Diagram.

To activate the previous diagram, press Ctrl+Shift+[ or select View | Previous Diagram.

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