Information Flow Diagram

Create Information Flow Diagram

To create a Information Flow Diagram:

  1. Select first an element where a new Information Flow Diagram to be contained as a child.

  2. Select Model | Add Diagram | Information Flow Diagram in Menu Bar or select Add Diagram | Information Flow Diagram in Context Menu.

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Information Item

To create an Information Item:

  1. Select Information Item in Toolbox.

  2. Drag on the diagram as the size of Information Item.

You can use QuickEdit for Information Item by double-click or press Enter on a selected Information Item.

  • Name Expression : Edit name expression.

    Syntax of Name Expression

    expression ::= [ '<<' stereotype `>>` ] [ visibility ] name
    stereotype ::= (identifier)
    visibility ::= '+' | '#' | '-' | '~'
    name ::= (identifier)
  • Visibility : Change visibility property.

  • Add Note : Add a linked note.

  • Add Constraint: Add a constraint.

  • Add Attribute (Ctrl+Enter) : Add an attribute.

  • Add Operation (Ctrl+Shift+Enter) : Add an operation.

  • Add Reception : Add a reception.

To suppress Attributes, see Suppress Attributes.

To suppress Operations, see Suppress Operations.

To suppress Receptions, see Suppress Receptions.

To show or hide Operation Signatures, see Show Operation Signature.

Information Flow

To create an Information Flow:

  1. Select Information Flow in Toolbox.

  2. Drag from an element and drop on another element.

You can use QuickEdit for Relationship (See Relationship).

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