User Interface

Main Window

Diagram Area (Diagram Editor)

Diagram Area (Diagram Editor) shows the currently selected diagram.

Sidebar is the area left containing Working Diagrams panel and Toolbox.

To show or hide Sidebar, press Ctrl+1 or check (or uncheck) View | Sidebar in Menu Bar.

Working Diagrams

Working Diagrams panel shows a list of the opened working diagram. The selected diagram is shown in the Diagram Area.


Toolbox shows elements which can be created in the selected diagram.

To create an element: 1. Select an element in Toolbox 2. Mouse down on the Diagram Area and then drag as the size of the element to be created. If the element is a kind of relationship, connect two elements by drag and drop.

To show or hide Toolbox, press Ctrl+5 or check (or uncheck) View | Toolbox in Menu Bar.

Navigator is the right area containing Model Explorer and Editors.

To show or hide Navigator, press Ctrl+2 or check (or uncheck) View | Navigator in Menu Bar.

Model Explorer

Model Explorer shows the tree structure of model elements.

You can find an element quickly by search box.

To change the order of elements: 1. Select the dropdown menu in the right up corner of Model Explorer. 2. Select one of the sorting types

  • Sort by Added

  • Sort by Name

To show or hide stereotypes in front of element name by check of uncheck Show Stereotype Text in the dropdown menu.

You can expand or collapse all tree nodes by select Expand All or Collapse All in the dropdown menu.

Editors (Holder)

Editors (Holder) contains editors to edit properties of model and view elements. It includes Style Editor, Property Editor, and Documentation Editor.

To show or hide Editors, press Ctrl+6 or check (or uncheck) View | Editors in Menu Bar.

Style Editor

Style Editor allows to edit styles of selected view elements.

Property Editor

Property Editor allows to edit properties of selected model elements.

Documentation Editor

Documentation Editor allows to edit documentation property of a selected model element.


Toolbar shows tool buttons typically provided from default or installed third-party extensions.

To show or hide Toolbar, press Ctrl+3 or check (or uncheck) View | Toolbar in Menu Bar.

Bottom Panel

Bottom Panel is a panel shown below Diagram Area typically provided from default or installed third-party extensions including Find Results, Diagram Thumbnails, Validation Results, Markdown Editor and etc.


To show or hide Statusbar, press Ctrl+4 or check (or uncheck) View | Statusbar in Menu Bar.


Font Dialog

Font Dialog allows to edit font style, size and color for view elements.

Color Dialog

Color Dialog allows to edit fill or line color for view elements.

Element Picker Dialog

Element Picker Dialog allows to select an model element from all model elements shown in tree structure. Checking Do not specify means nothing selected.

Element List Picker Dialog

Element List Picker Dialog allows to select an model element from a given list of model elements. Checking Do not specify means nothing selected.

Element List Editor Dialog

Element List Editor Dialog is used when user need to select a list of model elements. It allows to add or remove elements from the list and also to modify the order of elements by move up and down.

Print Dialog allows to configure how to print.

  • Print Rage : Select whether all diagrams to be printed or the current diagram to be printed.

  • Page Layout : Select page layout is landscape or portait.

  • Page Size : Select a proper page size

  • Show Diagram Name : Select whether diagram name to be printed or not.

Preferences Dialog

Preference Dialog allows to set preferences. Left area shows preference schemas which contains a set of preference items. When you select a preference shema in the left area, then all preference items are shown. If you want to restore default settings, Select Restore Default Settings button in the most bottom.

Extension Manager Dialog

Extension Manager Dialog allows to install or uninstall extensions from Extension Registry. While Registry tab shows all available extensions, while Installed tab only shows the installed extension in local.

If you want to install an extension directly from Github URL, Select Install From Url... and enter the extension's url.

Tag Editor

Tag Editor is a convenient tool to manage Tags for an element. It shows all Attributes of the Stereotype assigned to the element, so it is easy to create Tags corresponding Stereotype's Attributes. It also shows all Tags which is not associated with a particular a Stereotype's Attribute. To open Tag Editor, select Model | Tag Editor... in Menu Bar or press key Cmd+T in macOS or Ctrl+T in Windows and Linux.

Quick Find

Quick Find allows to find a model elements, view element, or a diagram quickly. To popup Quick Find, select View | Quick Find... in Menu Bar or press key Cmd+P in macOS or Ctrl+P in Windows and Linux.

Command Palette

Command Palette allows to search and execute commands supported by default or installed extensions. To popup Command Palette, select View | Command Palette... in Menu Bar or press key Cmd+Shift+P in macOS or Ctrl+Shift+P in Windows and Linux.

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